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Event: Sponsoring classroom facilities for Sopan Primary School, a support education system for under privileged school going students of the local Adivasi (tribal) community. The school is an initiative of Kharagpur local Thana. We were happy to be a small part of the initiative and were really excited to see so many happy, glowing and exciting faces at the end of the event. Since it was eve of Diwali, we organised a 15 minutes fire cracker bursting session. This 15 minutes were the most fun filled as kids were happy to burst crackers amidst claps, cheering and lot of giggles. The program ended with distribution of packet of sweet.

Company sponsored classroom facilities March 2, 2020

Company sponsored classroom facilities like stand fans, chairs, tables, dustbins, black boards, stationary, copies and almirahs.

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OC of Kharagpur Thana addressing the gathering

OC of Kharagpur Thana addressing the gathering in the presence of local social well wishers and eminent guests.

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Local students showcased their talents

Local students showcased their talents through recitation, dance, gymnastics through a small program organized by the civic volunteers of police who take active participation in the facility so provided.

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Small kids got excited

Small kids got excited to see the new black board and requested to do sums on the board which was happily indulged in by the representative of Megatherm, Mrs Shaswati Datta.

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