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Megatherm deals in Metal Heating & Melting Equipment and possesses the strength to meet Thermal Challenges through Induction.

In 1989 we sparked off, banking on our team of Electro Thermal Processing experts and the capital of experience that we had gathered since the 1970. We made our presence felt across steel, foundry, forging and various other Metal Working Sectors, surging forward with spirits held high and the fire burning within.

Today, Megatherm is recognised and preferred by its ever-extending list of domestic and International Clientele. Our installations are spread over 40 countries around the globe.

Megatherm is committed to customer delight and performance excellence. We have invested in progressive in-house R&D which in turn has yielded both profit and praise for the company. On an aggregate we are nearing 3000 customers of Electro Heating equipment Till date.

“Megatherm is differentiated from other manufacturers primarily due to product innovation & continuous R&D. Over the years Megatherm has led the way for most major design changes and additions to induction technologies which was later incorporated by the industry. Our research is focused and our systems are incorporated with the best contemporary technologies that ensure optimum utility and comprehensive productivity.

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Our Group of Companies

Megatherm Induction Pvt. Ltd.

  • Manufacturing of all Induction melting & heating products
  • After sales service for induction products
  • Engineering of all products
  • Turnkey projects
  • R&D Lab
  • Training Centre
  • Testing Facility
  • Infrastructure: Newly inaugurated plant on 15 acre plot in (Kharagpur, WB, close to IIT KGP) of which 7 acres have been developed. Covered area of 1,30,000 sq ft

EMT Megatherm Pvt. Ltd.

  • Manufacturing of transformers for IMF, Arc Furnace and LRF
  • Manufacturing of power & distribution transformers
  • Manufacturing of CCM
  • Manufacturing of LRF
  • Fabrication shop for panel cabinet, hydraulic cylinder, transformer tank, induction furnace crucible frame, mechanicals of mass heating, hardening & heat treatment equipment
  • Infrastructure: 80,000 sq ft shed on 3 acre developed plot in Kolkata (near Kolkata port), 30,000 sq ft shed on 1 acre plot on NH 6 near Kolkata

Megatherm Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Process automation, power quality and IT solutions
  • SMS operational excellence
  • Commercial 1,90,000 sq ft IT Park, Megatherm Tower in Sector V (Kolkata’s IT hub)
  • Infrastructure: Captive design, engineering & IT office of 28,000 sq ft within Megatherm Tower
A History of Firsts


Since inception Megatherm has ushered in most major new products and design changes which has been later adopted by the industry. Our history is a history of firsts and our clients are always years ahead in terms of technology and operational commercial benefits.


Megatherm was incorporated


Integrated production plant was commissioned in Salt Lake, WB


Heating division was launched


Recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology as an “In House R&D unit”


First medium frequency non ferrous induction billet heater in India installed at ordinance factory Katni


First induction rail hardening equipment of India supplied with integrated straightening unit


First 25T furnace of India supplied by Megatherm in Hyderabad


First Indian induction furnace exported to Europe (Poland & France) with PLC and automation of western standard


First steel zone heating furnace of India supplied at ordinance factory Ambajahri


Takeover of Engel India Machine Tools. Operations shifted to Kolkata facility


Transformer manufacturing begins


First OFWF converter transformer designed by an Indian company


First constant power factor Current Fed induction zone heaters of India supplied in Tata Motors


Megathem’s first turnkey project


Megatherm’s first 132 kV power & distribution transformer manufactured


Megather’s first power & distribution transformer export


First multiple TMT bar heater of India supplied for epoxy coating


Kharagpur facility was inaugurated under Megatherm Induction Pvt Ltd


Achieved 475 kWh/t for mild steel in 15T furnace marking the launch of Green furnace


Achieved 465 kWh/t in 30T Green furnace for mild steel


Supplied first 40T which was the largest furnace exported outside SAARC

Global Presence
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Our Team

Megatherm is led by Shesadri Bhusan Chanda, Chairman & Managing Director and Satadri Chanda, Executive Director

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