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Annual SALES MEET 2024

Megatherm, recently held its Annual Sales Meet for the year 2024 on 19th and 22nd March at the luxurious Sonar Bangla Hotel in Kolaghat and Taki, West Bengal. The event was attended by Megatherm’s sales team from all over the country, along with the company’s senior management.

The event kicked off with an opening address from Megatherm’s CFO and Director, who welcomed everyone to the Annual Sales Meet and gave a brief overview of the company’s performance in the past year. He highlighted the achievements of the sales team and commended their hard work and dedication. The Sales Meet was then followed by a series of presentations, which focused on the company’s new marketing strategies and targets for sales.

In the evening, the Sales Meet was followed up by a grand party, which was held at the hotel’s banquet hall. The party was a celebration of Megatherm’s success in the past year, and a way to thank the sales team for their hard work and dedication. The party featured live music, dancing, and a delicious dinner, which included local specialties and international cuisine.

The Annual Sales Meet 2024 by Megatherm was a resounding success, with the sales team leaving the event feeling motivated and energized. The event helped to reinforce Megatherm’s commitment to excellence in sales and customer service, and it was a testament to the company’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Overall, the event was a great way to strengthen Megatherm’s position as a leading manufacturer of industrial heating equipment and to build strong relationships with its sales team.