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Steel pipelines for the transmission of gas and oil may extend thousands of kilometers and they represent one of the most sophisticated engineering achievements of the modern era. Some of the steel tubes are manufactured from plates that are formed into an appropriate shape and then seam welded. An efficient and high-productivity process for achieving this involves high-frequency induction tube welding in which the edges are forged together following localized heating. This disrupts the structure of the steel, so the joining operation is followed immediately by one or more induction heat treatments, with the aim of regenerating the properties degraded by the welding operation.

Mechanical properties like ductility and toughness get affected at the weld joints so post-welding heat treatment is necessary.

Seam annealing or normalizing becomes necessary for special grades of steel used in the oil or gas industries.

Megatherm will offer you a complete solution that integrates with the existing welding line through the installation of a second power supply, a specially designed long coil, a mechanical handling system and electrical controls.

The longitudinal weld joints can be air cooled and treated for the necessary induction heat treatment.