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  • Not having to wait hours for service engineer to arrive for breakdowns
  • Having issues handled by senior most technical experts within minutes
  • Being able to diagnose problems remotely
  • Being able to tune panel and change equipment settings remotely
  • Reducing down time by 50% to 60%

Remote Access

  • Ethernet / Wifi connectivity to be provided in Panel room
  • Megatherm remote access devices will be installed
  • Megatherm engineers as well as plant head will have access to PLC live feed
  • Diagnostics can be done remotely
  • Changing panel parameters will also be possible remotely

Remote Servicing

  • MegaLink App will be installed in tab of trained plant engineer
  • During breakdown ticket can be raised and video call will be arranged
  • Remote servicing can start immediately without waiting for service engineer
  • As much as 80% of breakdowns can be resolved remotely leading to 50% to 60% reduction in down time

Other advantages:

  • Call recording for future reference, training and analysis
  • Files can be shared during call
  • Instructions/Text can be shared during call
  • Remote erection / site mapping also possible
  • Drawings can be opened during call