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Rail is a very important component of the railway; it not only accounts for the safety of the passing trains but also composes most values of the rail track. Continuous improvement on the speed and loads of the passing passenger and freight trains are placing more and more demands on the performance of the rail. It is significant and urgent to prolong the service life of the rail in a cost effective manner by improving the properties of the rail.

Wear is one of the main damage mechanisms for the rail, especially in the small radius curve line and the heavy haul main freight lines. As a result many types of lengths of rails are replaced for the wear damage every year. It is important and necessary to improve the wear resistance of the rail. The Induction head hardening technology on rail is an economical and effective way of prolonging the service life of rail by improving the rail’s properties of wear resistanc

The complete supply with a 350kw 1khz solid state Induction power supply can run continuously producing high-quality head-hardened straightened rails which have been accepted in India as the reference standard.

Megatherm is by far the largest Rail Hardening machine manufacturer. Our equipment comes complete with mechanical pinch roll stations, head hardening induction coils with a specialized quenching system and 5 roll straightening press and exit pinch rolls for 13 m long rails or crossings.