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Heat treatment including stress relieving, tempering, annealing, bright annealing, hardening, patenting etc. is standard operations done regularly by online Megatherm induction heaters. Depending on the application, the equipment is chosen for coil length and shape.

The system integrates with the existing wire coiling and decoiler lines. All machines have adjustable wire guides which ensure a single wire /multistrand wire or multi wires can run through coil. Power and frequency are chosen depending on production speed, temperature requirement and size of the wire.

Megatherm system is flexible, reliableĀ  and multiple options are available including inert gas purging, ceramic replaceable liners, and infrared temperature monitoring at the coil exit. PID control ensures stable kW output at the coil system.

Other applications that can be considered are

  • Drying post-cleaning or removing water or solvent from coatings
  • Curing of liquid or powder-based coatings. Providing a superior bond strength and surface finish
  • Pre-heating for extrusion of polymer and metallic coatings

Power supplies are available fromĀ 150-600kw with frequencies 10, 30, or 200kHz in fully solid state version.