Induction Melting Furnaces For Steel Plants

Megatherm has developed a range of Induction melting furnaces with the state of the art Solid state power supplies for steel making and these are most proven and stable furnaces indigenously available today. Steel melting range is available from 3 Ton upward to 60 Tons with solid state power supply up to 30000KW . During melting operation, Megatherm power supplies provides maximum power throughout the melt cycle . No molten heel is required. No capacitor switching or transformer voltage tap is to be adjusted. Megatherm power sources are available in 6 pulse, 12 pulse and 24 pulse rectifier configuration and is designed for 24 x 7 running. For minimizing Total Harmonic distortion Megatherm supplies all large power supplies above 1500KW in either 12 pulse or 24 pulse system.

Furnace capacity range (Steel measure ) 5 Tons – 60 Tons
Power 1500kw -30000 kw
Frequency 200Hz – 500Hz
Features offered Fastest melting with constant power throughout melt cycle. Sponge Iron melting. High performance energy efficient coil with lowest energy consumption. Maximum lining life.

Green Furnace now avaiable

Green Furnace

Over a decade long R&D has resulted in development of new technologies for Induction furnaces which are giving the best energy efficiency and productivity in the market. We are guaranteeing 30kWh/t to 40 kWh/t lower than latest models of all other brands. Some of the largest secondary steel manufacturers in India and abroad have joined the Green revolution. Since launch of our Green series in November 2017 induction furnace orders equivalent to approximately 9MTPA capacity have been received including 2MTPA from induction furnace users of other brands

Guaranteed 30kWh/t to 40kWh/t lower than any other make
Avoid fraudulent best heat claims and always ask for month average
Charge Yield Average Energy Consumption at 1630°C
tapping temperature
Daily Production for 10MW
Processed Scrap
(96% yiel
520 to 530 kWh/t (example: many plants
in West zone, Punjab, Himachal
395 to 405 Tons
DRI & Scrap(89% yield 600 to 610 kWh/t (example: Hyderabad 345 to 355 Tons
Pellet, DRI, Scrap,
Pig Iron (84% yield)
670 to 680 kWh/t (example: many plants
in Raipur, Durgapur)
310 to 320 Tons
Energy Comsumption vs Charge Mix

Green Furnace: The most energy efficient IMF in the world for steel making Baseline of 460 kW h/t guaranteed

Customer testimonials settle the debate

Of all furnace brands in our plant Megatherm’s Green furnaces are consuming less energy

MD, Prakash Industries official 15T, 20T (Largest single IMF steel plant with over 20 furnaces), Chattisgarh

Green furnace has significant energy benefits compared to furnaces of others makes and Megatherm’s older model

MD, Vinod Kothari, MD, Kamachi Steel 30T, Chennai

We witnessed substantial gains by upgrading existing furnace with green technologies and as a result have placed an order for a new green furnac

MD, P T Shiva Shakti 25T, Indonesia

We have purchased green furnace from Megatherm and performance commitments have been achieved. It is the most energy efficient furnac

MD, NN Ispat 15T, Durgapur

More than satisfied with energy consumption of newly supplied 20T Green furnace by Megatherm

MD, Gagan Ferrotech 20T, Durgapur

Market Feedback: Over 11 MTPA worth of orders received since launch including 3 MTPA from plants using other furnaces

Companies shifting to Megatherm from other brands:
  • Mughal Steel (Pakistan)
  • Sharda Energy (Raipur), Real Ispat (Raipur), Fortune (Raipur)
  • SRMB Srijan (Durgapur)
  • Prakash Industries (Champa)
  • Jagat Metal (Punjab), Surya (Punjab), A K Concast (Punjab), Kundlas (Punjab)
  • And many more…
Technology Behind The Green furnace: A decade in the making
MTV545 MTV515 Low Frequenc Green
2004 – 2011 2012 – 2016 2016 – 2017 2017 Onword
545 Kwh/ 515 Kwh/ 495 Kwh/t 460 kWh/t (10 MW & Above)
475 kWh/t (Under 10 MW)
*For 100% yield and 1600°c tapping
Technology behind Green Furnace
  • Voltage boosted (up to 5250V) and stretching improved for fastest power pickup and quick melting
  • Lowest electrical loss of 18.5% achieved by restriction of copper current density and layout manipulations
  • Low peak power requirement and fastest melt time i.e. 400T production
    from 20T furnace, 160T production from 10T furnace on ingot
  • Sustained power factor without the need for capacitor switching (as seen in series design)
  • Most robust R&D ecosystem resulting in a multitude of new launches, models and up coming technologies
Power vs Time Graph- Green Furnace vs Other
Upcoming technologies
  • Variable Power Inverter (impact: 10 to 15 kWh/t)
  • Zero Voltage Drop Design (impact: 8kWh/t)
  • Generation 4 Blast Resistant easy maintenance Crucible
  • Online self rectifying furnace eliminating need for commissioning engineer. Remote servicing only.
Digital Module
  • Monitoring of temperature and pressure in critical points aids preventive maintenance
  • Early warning system provides ample time for maintenance before breakdown
  • Real time monitoring of HT & LT parameters
  • LT & HT graphs and trends allow for post production analysis and addressing
    of operational issues to improve productivity & energy consumption

Special add on features

Nano Cable

Compact layout reduces copper losses and improves system efficiency. Reduced size of water cooled cables further reduces copper losses. Reduced size of water cooled cable also lowers
voltage drop between panel and coil and leads to faster power pickup and quicker meltin

Pollution control hood

Our next generation pollution control hood ensures complete cover during melting, as well as de slagging and tapping. Ladle fumes are also extracted. Two way tiltable hood ensures smooth charging and allows little room for fumes to escape due to lower pressure loss and less false air. Low emissions and low energy consumption together makes our furnaces truly Green

Low Power Efficiency System (LPE)

Power Factor of above 92% from 0% to 70% of power range(including sintering heat) and above 98% from 70% to 100% power range. Results in fast melting and lower energy consumption during low power operations including sintering, holding, etc

Megatherm is differentiated from other manufacturers by its product innovation and continuous R&D. Over the years Megatherm has paved the way for most major design changes and additions to induction technologies which was later adopted by the industry. Some examples include multi zoned coils, use of PLC in IMF, low frequency technology for energy consumption, OFWF converter transformer, parallel inverter and many more. Our research is focused on energy consumption & productivity and our systems are incorporated with the best contemporary technologies that ensure optimum utility and comprehensive productivity. We promise to keep you two steps ahead and future proof.

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