Induction Melting Furnace

Foundry Applications :

Induction furnaces are widely used for ferrous and non – ferrous for automobile castings, DI pipe castings, manganese steel castings, heavy engineering castings, railway component casting, roll manufacturing, steel shots making, grinding media casting etc. We address to the following ferrous and non – ferrous foundry sectors:

Iron & Steel Casting Units :

  • Grey and Cast Iron Melting
  • Steel and Alloy Steel Melting
  • Stainless steel Castings
  • Holding and Super Heating
Non-Ferrous Casting units : Special Applications :
  • Aluminium Melting
  • Copper Melting
  • Brass / Bronze Melting
  • Precious Metal like Gold, Silver etc Melting
  • Investment Casting
  • Laboratory Application

Induction Power Supply Unit :

When it comes to Induction Melting Power Source units, Megatherm has a commendable series to offer. These power units are fitted with the much trusted ‘parallel resonant current fed technology’ that ensures the most efficient and reliable melting. The capacity of these units range between 15Kw and 20MW matched by similar gradation in operating frequency -100Hz to 9600Hz. The power semiconductor devices in the circuits are customized either with fast thyristors or IGBTs depending on the power and the frequency.

With the purpose of controlling the frequent downward regulation of power, D.C Choppers are also utilized to maintain constant mains power factor under all operating conditions. Multi-pulse and multi-rectifiers options are often deployed to limit harmonic levels when the rating is above 1000kW

A lot many foundries are benefitted with the technically advanced and efficient Twin Power Supply of megatherm.

The list of features and benefits include:

  • Highest productivity
  • Optimum utilization of furnaces
  • Sharing of rated power at any given ratio between two furnaces
  • Parallel utilization of the twin crucibles for melting and holding/super-heating as and when needed
  • Explicitly controlled power sharing mechanism facilitating absolute energy utilization
  • User friendly operation

Megatherm’s multi-share power supply has     flexibility for sharing of rated power at any given ratio between multiple furnaces of different  operating frequencies. It also comes with the advantage of using different furnaces of melting individual metals or it can replace multiple twin-share system.

Melting & Holding Furnaces :

Coreless Steel Frame furnaces:

If your operations desire unquestioned safely &  competence coupled with high energy efficiency then Megatherm’s Steel Frame Furnace is the solution for you. Designed suitably to perform the best in low to high power density,   these   steel   frame   furnaces   are   low   on    maintenance, high on shielding magnetic fluxes and offer extremely rugged construction.

Run on the latest Electromagnetic Software programs these furnaces certify and care for their human operators. Strong faraday rings and distributed flux guides prevent intense electromagnetic field to escape the     cruddle boundaries.  An enhanced  degree of  electrical    insulation shields form intense electro-magnetic fields. The   software also facilitates optimal impedance to go with the   power   source  as   well  as  a   rapid   melting    rate    undeterred by the loose initial charges.

A steel frame takes shape when a coils cradle assembly and tilting and supporting frame gets linked with a pair of hydraulic cylinders, aiding in  lip  axis  pouring.    The components in a coil cradle assembly are.

  • Electrolytic copper coils cooled in single or multi zone water
  • Silicon steel lamination yokes for shielding
  • The top and the bottom refractory castables along with   faraday ring and plate

The set up can easily be dismantled for maintenance purpose.

For both melting and holding applications of a given power and melt size, frequency and crucible geometries are appropriately selected to provide optimum stirring and lining life.

Pop-up Furnaces :

This Furnace is specially designed for small capacity   non – ferrous  melting  for  laboratory    application  or for precious metal casting application. Suitable crucibles are place for melting metal. Whenever mellt is ready, crucible (made of graphite, silicon carbide etc) containing liquid metal will be lifted out through pneumatic operation so that it can be easily carried out towards mould with the help of Hand tools. Maximum Capacity of the furnaces is  50 kg.

Special Features:

Furnace Lid, Fume Ring & Closed Capture Fume Hood :

Lift and Swing lid in addition to stationary fume rings serve the dual purpose of energy preservation as well as pollution control. The lids are manually as well as  hydraulically operated, whereas the end of the fume being is connected to duct of the plant’s exhaust system.

Hydraulically operated close capture fume heads are also available for large capacity furnaces. These are double acting and open on both sides to facilitate   charging and pouring. The duct end is connected with plant’s exhaust system for specially designed heat   resistance and dust proof seal and bearing assembly for Smooth hood motion.


Megatherm is always a step ahead of its competitors in terms of convenience. It has released the furnace     maintenance team from  the  hassle  of manually  removing the old lining. A specially crafted device      comprising of some steel work and a block at the bottom of the crucible takes care of the job. A hydraulic cylinder is assigned to push the block and quickly extract the lining.

Back – Tilting :

It has often been noticed that the process of slag – removal is a laborious one in the conventional mode of larger furnaces. Thus the back-tilting facility introduced by Megatherm is an immensely popular and convenient arrangement of scraping out slag in the receiving trolley in lesser time.

Pit Guard:

Safety and convenience is yet again offered in the form of gas spring supported pit guard. These protective back and site net guards are programmed to shield the furnace pit as the furnace tilted to tab liquid metal. This mechanism wards off accidents.

Load Cell Arrangement :

The   furnace   operation   is   further   integrated   and    automated with the continuous metal weighing system the cutting-edge technology is in-built in the furnaces to digitally display the weight, uninterrupted. The central control procession unit is fed with the output from load cell to facilitate centralized automated operation.

Generation 3 Melting Furnace

Introducing generation 3 induction furnaces for highest productivity and lowest energy consumption. Minimize downtime by using PLC based auto diagnostics, preventive maintenance and remote servicing”


  • Gen 3 furnace incorporates the best aspects of parallel as well as series circuits to give lowest energy consumption and higher productivity
  • Latest SMD based inverter with digital interface
  • Fibre optics used in inverter & signal boosting in rectifier 
  • SFC Parameters –Digital display as well digital setting of parameters. No need to touch cards.
  • Remote Access (virtual SCADA) –All parameters can be viewed and set remotely. Hence, remote diagnosis is possible. Virtual SCADA enables access to all the data & diagnostics on any device.
  • Energy Counter –kWh limit for the heat can be set and the counter ticks down. Power can be reduced once limit has been exhausted.
  • Reports –Power, voltage & pressure trends and graph for post-production analysis,
  • Melt analyser- Daily reporting of no. of heats, total energy consumed, productive time, low power time, down time & slow charging incidents.
  • Auto Diagnostics & Preventive maintenanceAll interlocks displayed digitally. Temperature warning of DM Inlet, SFC outlet, chokes outlet, Capacitor rack outlet and crucible inlet/ outlet. Hydraulic pressure. Water Conductivity. Automatic maintenance alarms.
  • Lining Health Detection System – Patching life status and accident prevention
  • Megalink –Remote servicing platform of Megatherm enables solving breakdowns without physical presence of engineer 

Packages & Systems: 

Packages Features
Diagnostics Package Continuous temperature and pressure sensing at critical points for pre and post incident diagnostics
Operations Package Energy Counter, Melt Analyzer
Maintenance Package Water Conductivity, Automatic Maintenance Alarms
Systems Features
Accident Prevention System Digital GLD, Lining Health Detector, Bottom Earth Leakage Sensor
Remote Access Virtual Scada accessible via any device from anywhere
Megalink Remote servicing of furnace


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