Induction Melting Furnace

Our popular low frequency model has been further improved upon leading to furnace orders of 19MTPA capacity out of which 6 MTPA are orders of plants using furnaces of other makes. Some of the largest secondary steel manufacturers globally are joining the Green revolution. Below are the reasons why…


  • Green furnace incorporates the best aspects of parallel as well as series circuits to give lowest energy consumption and higher productivity
  • Latest SMD based inverter with digital interface
  • Fibre optics used in inverter & signal boosting in rectifier
  • Guaranteed energy consumption of 465 kWh/t using mill heavy/end cutting scrap
  • Guaranteed 30 kWh/t – 40 kWh/t lower than all other latest furnaces and 60 kwh/t – 75 kwh/t lower than previous generation furnaces
  • 9% – 11% higher productivity compared other brands
  • Power factor of 98%
  • No capacitor switching. Sustained power throughout heat cycle
  • High power pickup achieved via voltage boosting
  • Eight energy consumption and productivity improvement features
  • Harmonic distortion restricted strictly within IEEE 519 norms
  • State of the art digital system with alarms, remote access, digital parameter displays, data logging, trend analysis, etc.

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