Induction Mass Heating Equipment

As a globally active company, we develop, produce and sale Inductive heating technology. We offer a variety of solutions that are efficient and based on a simple , tried and tested principle: electrically conductive bodies generate eddy current losses when they are exposed to an alternating magnetic field. Induction heaters are available for following application :

  • Heating ferrous & non ferrous billets for forging , rolling and extrusion.
  • Partial heating of bars for up-setters.
  • Continuous heating of bars for hot shear & bearing ring formation.
  • Pipe end heating for seamless gas cylinder formation.
  • Heating of pipes for coating and curing.
  • Continuous induction wive annealing
  • Heating of Bars to form Elastic Railway Clips.
  • Other custom application on demand.

Green Forge

Launched in 2019 the Green forge systems ensure eco-friendly low loss heating while ensuring robust mechanical design and PLC driven automation to ensure minimum down time of equipment.

Special Features

  • Heaviest mechanical design with extended warranty & long life
  • Lowest energy consumption of 3.2 Kg/kWh
  • Intelligent modular design with automatic settings for different jobs
  • Extensive diagnostics & sensing
  • Early warning system for better preventive maintenance
  • Alarm Log
  • Automatic report generation
  • Global connectivity
  • Quick rectification of panel

kw rating of heater 25 – 8000
Frequency range 1, 3, 10, 30 KHz
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