Induction Heat Treatment Equipment

Induction Heating generates exactly the desired amount of heat , prescisely in the place where it is required. It can be applied to virtually any part of a metal component without affecting the body. Heating of the selected zone is more rapid and controllable than any other method.

Megatherm Induction Hardening equipment is available to heat treat many components

Standard Heat treatment units available

  • On line head hardening of Railway track rails with continuous straightening.
  • Vertical scanners in single and twin spindle, Horizontal scanners, Component Lift and Rotate Index Table, Shuttle Tables, customized Induction hardening machines Power supply : 50-500kw . Frequency :1, 3, 10, 30 and 200kHz

SiC Weld and SiCTREAT

The most precise and rugged Radio Frequency Induction Heating System, offered by Megatherm.

The name SiCTREAT relates to Silicon Carbide Field Effect Transistor or SiCFET – the most robust & efficient high frequency switching device, available in todays Power Semiconductor World. Built in load tuning capacitors & variable ratio impedance matching transformer and a powerful visual guidance available on PLC Touch Screen empowers you to quickly achieve your heat treating power & frequency at ease to suit a broad range of work piece.


The ultralow switching losses of SiCFET enables to achieve power supply efficiency to 99% at 300 KHz, together with high efficient Ferrite core output matching transformer, SiCTREAT system offers the best energy saving unparalleled in the market.

Compact Design

The SiCFET switch assemblies together with robust drivers, intelligent FPGA controllers and water cooled heat sinks are integrated into a compact module with control interface to PLC, Power interface to DC / 3 Phase mains and the RF output.

PLC / CNC Controlled Operation

All controls necessary for heat treatment operation can be built into the SICTREAT. This includes digital meters for voltage, frequency, current/power, and LED indicators. The mechanical operations are guided by either a PLC or a CNC as per choice of the customer.

Features of power supply

  • 30-300 kHz with a wide range of power outputs for application flexibility
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • 100% solid state design. Ideal replacement for less efficient oscillator tube power supplies and older design solid state RF power supplies with lesser efficiency.
  • High, 0.95 input power factor under all operating conditions
  • ±1% output regulation accuracy with ±10% line variance under all operating conditions
  • FPGA Controls for smooth and reliable operation
  • Digital display of voltage, frequency, current and output power
  • Built-in load matching capacitors
  • Latest ultra-high efficiency load matching transformer

Technical Specifications – Electrical

Output Power Input kVA Cooling Water (lpm)
50 kW 53 kVA 32 lpm
100 kW 105 kVA 51 lpm
150 kW 160 kVA 70 lpm
200 kW 210 kVA 77 lpm
250 kW 265 kVA 96 lpm
300 kW 316 kVA 115 lpm

Technical Specifications – Mechanical

  • Two spindles to process two parts simultaneously
  • Part accommodation – up to 750mm
  • Scan capability – up to 750mm
  • Scan speed – 0 – 200 mm/sec
  • Part rotation speed – 10 – 200 rpm
  • Loading capability – 20 kgs per spindle , 10 – 150mm diameter
  • Distance between centres – 200mm
  • Vertical scanning by AC Servo motor
  • Part rotation by AC Geared motor with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Centralized lubrication system inbuilt
  • Optional process data control, monitoring and archiving system
  • High efficiency water cooling system
  • Coil adaptor for instant changing of coils
  • Manual /Pneumatic top centre
  • Optional motorized adjustment of top centre
  • Self-contained, compact design , smallest possible machine footprint
  • Ideal for integration in a work cell
  • Different power ratings and frequency ranges available for application matched precision heat treatment
  • User-friendly PLC / CNC controls and diagnostics
  • Enclosed water cooling and quench recirculation system with filtration
  • Built to machine tool standards for reliable performance
  • Simple utility connection for fast installation and easy relocation
  • Optional high precision Rotary Indexing Tables either Servo or Pneumatic actuated

Megatherm has collaborated with Smart Induction Converter Technologies S.L. (SiCTECH), Spain, for manufacturing of Solid State Radio Frequency Power supplies using Smart SiCFET module Technology. These power supplies will be used for manufacturing the SiCTREAT (High & Radio Frequency Heat Treatment) and SiCWELD (High & Radio Frequency Tube & Pipe welding).

**Smart SiC module Technology provided by Smart Induction Converter Technologies S.L. (SiCTECH), Spain.

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