Fume Extraction System

Green FES by Megatherm

Did you know?

  • Fan, motor and bag house specifications do not depend on furnace crucible size
  • Most FES suppliers base their calculations on thumb rule and hence the efficiency of the system is compromised
  • For example, most suppliers will give the same rating FES for 20T 7.5MW furnace and 20T 10MW furnace although the fumes generated by the latter will be much higher
  • FES specifications depend on power rating of the furnace, charge mix, efficiency level required by the plant, distance between crucible and bag house and bends in the ducting/pipeline
  • Only Megatherm can provide detailed engineering calculations for the fumes being produced by the furnace and detailed calculation for FES specification due to presence of full time in house team

Advantages of Green FES:

  • High capacity FES system for clean and green steel making
  • Integrated with furnace PLC
  • Lowest energy consumption: VFD controlled motor speed varied as per furnace KW and fume quantity
  • Fully automated and no wastage of power
  • Integration with furnace PLC for remote access and remote diagnostics
  • Detailed fume calculation and engineering/project assistance for fool proof system
  • Option for direct purchase of bough out items like ID Fan, motor, bag house. and taking only control panel, hood and detailed calculation/specs from Megatherm

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