Converter Duty Transformer, EAF & LRF Transformers

Converter Duty Transformer

Converter grade transformers are mainly used for Induction Melting Furnaces, Induction Heating machinery, AC-DC drives and Industrial Rectifiers. They are available upto 30 MVA at 50Hz/60Hz. Voltage class available : 66/11/22/33 KV. Transformers are available for 6/12/18/24 pulse rectifier configuration with either interleaved design or inter shielded design for better impulse voltage distribution.

Arc Melting Furnace & LRF transformers are available in the following categories

  • HV Inputs 11/22/33 KV
  • LV Outputs at various voltages with OLTC/CTR – Elis Tap chargers.
  • Tapped Reactor 5-25% as required.

Converter transformers are critical to the performance of converter panels. Megatherms transformers are robust in design which prevents device failures in converter panels while ensuring high reliability for the transformer itself. Transformers are manufactured with high tolerance levels and in many cases run at power levels higher than the rated limit. Megatherm also guarantees lowest losses for its converter transformers. This is why Megatherm’s converter transformers are the first choice for clients in India and in over 30 countries.

After being the first company in India to produce an OFWF converter transformer, Megatherm continues to innovate and usher in new technologies its ever expanding list of clientele.

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