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The bow-type Continuous Casting Machine is equipment to convert liquid steel into cast semis of the desired size i.e.100 – 200 Sq. mm billet.

The main components of this machine are:

  • Ladle sequencing car
  • Tundish
  • Tundish Car
  • Mould Jacket Assemblies
  • Mould Oscillator
  • Strand Guide Frames
  • Withdrawal-cum-straightening machine
  • Hydraulic pusher-type skid bank.
  • Electrical / Instrumentation etc.
  • Secondary cooling (Optional)
  • Automatic gas-cutting machine

Molten Steel from the EAF shall be tapped into the pre heated Ladle and the Ladle shall be brought to the ladle refining furnace station. Liquid steel shall be carried out of refining, chemical composition adjustment and Superheating for smooth casting before being send to the continuous casting machine. After ascertaining the temperature of the liquid steel. Slide Gate is opened so as to allow the liquid metal to flow into the Tundish which is placed on the Tundish Car. After metal reaches the Ferro-static height the refractory nozzle of the Tundish is opened to allow the metal to distribute in the mould assembly.

The mould box contains copper mould. Primary water circulates around the periphery of the mould to form a shell around the molten core. The Strand is withdrawn with the help of the dummy bar.The surface of the mould is lubricated to minimize any sticking of the molten metal to the copper mould.

Mould Oscillation Mechanism is used for oscillating the mould so that the newly formed strand shell does not stick to the mould wall. Good oscillator mechanism provides good surface quality to the strand and minimizes the transverse cracks and deep oscillation marks.

The newly formed strand leaves the mould and passes through the cooling chamber to complete the solidification process. Suitable Metallurgical length is provided for this purpose. Cooling water volume is adjusted to suit the steel grade and size of the casting.

After passing through the cooling chamber the strand passes through the withdrawal and straightening unit.This unit provides the drive for withdrawal and straightening for each of the hot strand. It also provides the drive for the dummy bar for its insertion in Mould during the start of the cast. Here the strand radius changes from 6 Meters to 11 meters to infinite radius i.e. straight.

Cutting of the strand into billets is done with manual/auto gas cutting torches. Cutting of strands into Billet takes place between the intermediate and cutting roller table. The cut Billets are then transported to the discharge area until it comes in contact to the end buffer which in terms actuates the pusher to transfer the billet to the Collecting Bed.

Types of CCM manufactured by Megatherm:

  • 4/7 single and double strand
  • 6/11 double and triple strand

Casting Speed of Megacast Caster:

  • 3.5 meters/min – 2.5 meters/min depending on the size of the billet

Special Features of Megacast CCM:

  1. Handle without Care: Heavy duty caster designed for export market. Robust & stable design. High-thickness steel on all structural and machining components. Best quality bought-out components used. Very limited servicing and spare requirements
  2. In-House Precision Machine Shop:In house machine shop ensures high quality of critical components
  3. Integrated PLC: Exhaustive auto diagnostics. Data logging and trends display. Ensure the highest possible up-time of equipment and aid in preventive maintenance.
  4. Billet temperature sensing: Pyrometer included
  5. Remote Access: Entire real-time data is available remotely to the plant head/Megatherm HO for quick diagnostics and decision

PLC Features:

Hardware SEIMENS PLC, Delta Make 10” HMI, Sensors
Diagnostics Casting Speed
Mould Oscillation Speed
MO Water inlet and outlet temperature
MO water inlet and outlet pressure
Oil pressure
Oil temperature
Spray water pressure
Motor Temperature
Motor health
Billet Temperature Billet Temperature (optional)
Analysis Trends
Access Remote access from anywhere in computer/laptop/mobile
Secondary Cooling Automation Secondary Cooling Automation (Optional)