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This is another forge shop application.

Closed die forgings produced on horizontal forging machines ( up setters)  are similar to those produced by hammers or presses. Each is the result of forcing metal into cavities in dies which separate at  parting lines. Typical applications include axle flange formation.

The end length of a bar is heated to forging temperature and put into an upsetter to do the necessary hot forming  operation.  The induction end har heating takes different shapes & mechanical arrangements to suit  the operator  handling convenience, production cycle time matched to the upsetter.

Typical Megatherm models  are; inclined bar heater, pigeon hole coils, oval coils , channel coil heater system  to suit the size of workpiece and production cycle time.

The heaters may consist of a single box with multiple coils or a single coil with  multiple bars rolling inside like oval coils  Predefined length of a bar is heated inside coil and the cycle is automated so that one  complete bar is available to operator for feeding the upsetter as per cycle requirement  .Ratings are available in the range.


Power Range: 100 – 1000KW

Frequency Range: 1000 – 10000 Hz

Job Cross section : 20 dia – 125 dia