Product Details

Megatherm has developed a range of Induction melting furnaces with the state of the art Solid state power supplies for steel making and these are most proven and stable furnaces indigenously available today. Steel melting range is avaiiable from 3ton upward to 50Tons with solid state power supply upto 18000KW . During melting operation , Megatron power supplies provides maximum power throughout the melt cycle . No molten heel is required. No capacitor switching or transformer voltage tap is to be adjusted. High efficiency melting is ensured . Megatherm power sources are available in 6 pulse, 12 pulse and 24 pulse rectifier configuration and is designed for 24 x 7 running. For minimizing Total Harmonic distortion Megatherm supplies all large power supplies above 1500KW in either 12 pulse or 24 pulse system.

Furnace capacity range (Steel measure) 5 Tons -50 Tons
Power 1500kw -18000 kw
Frequency 250Hz – 500H
Features offered
  • Fastest melting with constant power throughout melt cycle.
  • Sponge Iron melting.
  • High performance energy efficient coil with lowest energy consumption.
  • Maximum lining life.
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